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Threaten to do,威胁做某事,中间不加sb 而threat sb into doing威胁某人做某事。

be threatened 问题二以做某事威胁某人英语怎么说 英语翻译示例 threat *** by doing sth通过做某事威胁某人 问题三威胁 英语怎么说 没语境,动词不知道让你用的什么,但是a threat to *** 意弗是对某人来。

threat doing 威胁要做某事 辞职 的主语是chairman ,用主动语态 主席威胁,如果他的政策不被采取,他就辞职100%保证正确率 如果满意,请记得采纳,*^__^* 谢谢~~。

5The guy threatened me to kill me if I didn#39t give him my thought I knew the way, somehow I got have already come to terms with the truth that they will never have child。

你知道我很讨厌被人威胁吗?害怕你正在做的事? 你敢做任何事来威胁我? 你最好别叱责我我受够了好吧,我是做错了事,那也别越过我的底线你知道吗!世界总是那么不安宁,真的不想懂 若有疑问及时追问,如满意请点击。

6 City residents complain that migrant workers have threatened to take already scarce urban jobs城市居民抱怨民工威胁着本来已很紧张的城市就业机会7 Doing what they were told to, the labourers all found。

根据第二段的it would take a year todecide whether the butterflies should be considered an endangered or athreatened species以及By officially labeling monarchs as endangered可知,由于北美帝王蝶数量的骤减,一些组织向美国政府请愿。

19It was in 1777___Vermont, threatened with invasion,declared itself an independent Bthat Cin which Dwhich 强调句 B 20He didin#39t___and so he failed the eno。

内容包括 Ihavebeendoingwellinmystudies My。

1Some people think university professors should spend more time doing research while others think they should spend more time educating students此句型用的太过频繁,建议改为sb suppose +从句或sb claim +从句。


1A动词不定式表示未完成的,将要做的2C固定搭配,threaten to do sth 扬言做某事。

~ sb from sthfrom doing sth 明令禁止某人做某事你确定有banto do的用法吗我查找了很多资料都没见过 据我所知,ban 除了banfrom doing这种外 还有 ban on sth 禁令ban在这里是名词。


QWhat did his boss do? AHis boss threatened him I see So now you don#39t have a job? Right, I don#39t have a job But at least I don#39t have to deal with my boss anymore W。

It is unfortunate that exceptional women not only find themselves up against men who are threatened by their success, but are often faced with their sisters throwing stones in their path too This need for consensus。



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